2012-04-02 08:27:37 by Skullfy

This is a project that I made with r4bbit/A-CiD and TheSup4hDup4h (Not sure how to write that -__-) and it's pretty awesome :D we can submit YOUR songs too, but probably not all... Anyways we publish mixes and songs. There is many genres like: Electro, Dubstep, House, Dnb, R&B and Hip-hop, but that's just few of them :D
Here's a link to our latest song:
list=UULhigpShU8rTYUBhnP3uDRQ&index=1&feature=pl cp

And here's a link to our channel: tch

This is going to be awesome :)


Changed a name :D

2012-01-12 16:08:51 by Skullfy

So as u can see I'm not R0BOT anymore.... I'm SkullFy yeeeeee.... Let me know what u think of the name

Do u like hip-hop, reggae or rnb???

2011-11-08 11:15:01 by Skullfy

If u like those, u should check out my youtube channel ;)
I'm not all about the electronic music...I also love hip-hop, reggae and...actually I like almost all the music :D Anyway...some of my songs are really old so they are not as good as the new ones are ;)
So here is link to my channel: IK
Hope u enjoy!

Title says it all :)

So I'm not making music for a while as I said on the subject... And u probably wonder why......Because my PC crashed! DAMN!!! I probably lost all my files and that sucks! I'm writing this on my (actually my moms :D) mac...I'm not so sure if they can fix my PC, but....I will probably lost all my files and I wanted to put one song here, but no music for a while :(