Changed a name :D

2012-01-12 16:08:51 by Skullfy

So as u can see I'm not R0BOT anymore.... I'm SkullFy yeeeeee.... Let me know what u think of the name


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2012-01-13 01:14:11

Best name ever. :Da

Skullfy responds:

Thanks! :)


2012-01-13 10:50:58

r0bot was better

Skullfy responds:

Thanks :), but I think I'm going to keep this one... I hope u don't hate this one tho


2012-01-15 06:24:06

your profile pic still says r0bot, just letting you know

Skullfy responds:

Yes I'm well aware of that... No need to remind me of that, I'm working on it